Why Us

Our Service Benefits:

Our clients realize tangible benefits that reduce their total document management expense and increase profits by improving workflow efficiency. These benefits typically equate to a quick and measurable Return-On-Investment. This accelerated return is achieved, in part, by minimizing the deficiencies of traditional paper-based document management systems.

Our Service Focus:

We are professionally staffed and equipped to manage your document imaging needs, offering Fixed Fee Document Scanning Prices and Value-Based Prices at a fraction of the cost of purchasing, staffing and maintaining expensive document scanning equipment. This "off-balance-sheet" outsourcing approach allows our clients to allocate resources efficiently while staying focused on their core business.

Our Partnering Approach:

Our Team serves as your Outsourcing Partner for large-scale critical document scanning projects that need to be completed quickly and accurately. We incorporate these Guidelines and Services into our contracts to accommodate the specific and unique needs of our clients.

Document digitizing process at Digital docs

Identifying the need:

The customer's need is identified and captured in this stage to understand their exact requirement

Collecting and aligning documents:

The documents are collected from the customer and aligned properly in this stage. Special care is taken to remove all foreign objects like pins, paper clips, thread, spiral bind and others

Scanning the documents:

The aligned documents are then scanned properly and saved as an image file

Transferring to a digital format:

The scanned documents/images are converted into text files by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The output is then manually checked by proofreaders before converting it into the desired digital format

Indexing the documents:

The documents are saved with detailed file names so that they can be easily retrieved whenever needed

Organizing the documents:

The documents are organized into separate or combined PDF files as per the customers's requirements

Packaging the digitized documents:

The digitized documents are checked for quality. The error free digitized data is burnt onto a CD, packaged properly and delivered to the customer

Outsourcing document scanning services to to Digital Docs

So now that you have decided to look for a partner to convert your paper documents through document digitization, it is important to select a reliable vendor to work with you.

Outsourcing has opened up numerous opportunities for companies looking for document scanning, imaging and digitizing services. India, with its strong history in providing outsourcing services coupled with a highly efficient workforce and infrastructure,might be just the destination where you may find your outsourcing partner.

We have separate team for each of our service divisions who follow robust processes and stringent quality checks to ensure that best services are provided in a quick turnaround time.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology with the latest scanners and a highly trained workforce. Our document scanning approach is well equipped for both manual data entry as well as high speed OCR/ICR mode of scanning.