Our Services

Document Digitization Services:

We are experts in processing large volumes of data required by major Corporate and Government organizations and individuals.

Digital transfer from traditional print media has never been easier. We utilize the latest in optical character recognition (OCR) document scanning technology, and high-resolution imaging for importing of brochures, forms, photos, and catalogs. Not only will you have access to all your printed materials whenever required but they can also be organized and searchable for your convenience. We at Digital Dcosprovide you with the most reliable document digitization options to simplify your workload.

In Document Digitization Serviceswe transform original materials to digital formats. We convert books, photographs, journals, rare documents, brochures, catalogues, filed papers and artifacts into "digital objects.

We would get you the best digital capture for a particular resource, based on the nature of the original material and its potential use.

Cards Scanning Services : (Digitization services)

All your information could be made available on your desk top at the click of a button.

You can now Manage Your Business Cards Professionally & Efficiently through our unique and dedicated Business Cards Scanning Services.

What we will do and deliver?

Our company has an expertise in data digitization where we can convert all visiting cards into electronic form and put them in Contact Management Software specially prepared to manage data and help in easy retrieval of cards. The work becomes so eased up that you can search any visiting card no matterhow old it is at just a click of a button saving a lot of your precious time and storage space.

It is a real time saver in managing your business cards & contacts.

This system can help you have faster communication between departments and employees. Along with the above services we give you special Software that will give you an image of visiting card and the complete searchable database which further can be exported to Excel, Text, Outlook etc within some time.It comes with an BCR Business Card Recoginzation technology that intelligently reads the card imageand automatically identifies the details like:

  • Name of Person
  • Phone numbers
  • Designation
  • Fax number
  • Department
  • Mobile number
  • Name of Company
  • Home Phone number
  • Address
  • Pager number
  • E-Mail address
  • Web-site address
  • Others

The Quick Search function allows you to find a contact by typing the first few letters of anything you can remember first name, city or even a word from the notes field. You can add additional information at any time, including a second address, cell phone number, home number and more if these are not available on visiting cards.