About Us

Digital docs is founded with the vision of simplifying your paper management and ultimately reduce the usage of paper to bare minimum and thus working towards greener world.

Consider the number of documents you have in your possession that are, to a large extent irreplaceable: sale deeds, insurance policies, merit certificates, Income Tax documents, degree certificates, medical records, office records etc and the kind of risk they are exposed to every day: loss, theft, termites, dust, moisture and alike.

Botheration required for replacing even the so-called replaceable documents is worth a lot of your precious time and mindshare. With Digital docs, you can rest assured by giving these documents where they will be digitally stored with utmost care, security, indexed for easy access within seconds and thus making it available to you on demand.

Digital docs is a brand with a vision.

When economists, sociologists and enlightened newspaper columnists talk about the need for entrepreneurship as the way forward to creative and imaginative solutions for a greener world, it is something like Digital docs that they have in mind. In a vision of a greener and thus paperless world, Digital docs is that first step. But since, mere good intentions are not enough, Digital docs takes you from clip to click in a very real sense with all the assorted benefits attached therein. If you have been clipping your documents till now, as we all have been, you don't need to anymore...

A business model with a sound ecological and economic basis, we give you good reasons to invest in our service: safe storage of all kinds of documents with assurance against theft, termite, fire, loss, tampering on one hand and quick on-demand retrieval on the other. The management team behind constitutes of seasoned professionals.